Long Shot Leaders Podcast with Michael Stein:

Hiking from Mexico to Canada and being a modern-day Thoreau with author and trailblazer Ethan Gallogly

Long Shot Leaders Podcast

The I'd Rather Be... Podcast with Katya Rucker:

What compels someone to spend weeks and even months in the wilderness with nothing but the supplies they can carry on their back? Ethan Gallogly, an avid backpacker, was so inspired by his 211-mile journey along the John Muir Trail that runs through the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California that he decided to write a novel based on the experience. In this episode, hear what lies at the heart of Ethan's passion for backpacking.

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The Lowe Down with Kevin Lowe:

One of my favorite podcasts about THE TRAIL was on Kevin Lowe's Podcast -- Kevin as you will hear is blind. Please have a listen!

The Lowe Down

Oh My Word with Esther Tenenbaum:

The story behind writing and publishing the Next Gen Indie Finalist, "The Trail."

Oh My Word!

Into The Woods Podcast with Holly Worton:

What is it like to hike the John Muir Trail? How does one prepare?What is the best California trail for beginners? The importance of Time Spent in Nature. Why a Novel? And much more!

Into The Woods Podcast

The Aware Athlete Show with Scott Forrester:

"The John Muir Trail: a transformative journey"

Coffee + BS with Travis Hinman:

Travis and I get into everything from hiking in China, backpacking disasters, and The Trail's recent Next Gen Indie award. Grab a cup and have a listen!

Coffee + BS

The Outdoor Adventure Series with Howard Fox:

Everything from first backpacking adventures, to natural hotsprings, to the book, and more.

Outdoor Adventure Series

Your Lot & Parcel with Benjamin Diaz:

Ben and I talk about the benefits of hiking, origins of the John Muir Trail, and some wild wildlife encounters. Enjoy!!

Your Lot & Parcel

Animal Talk Radio with Jamie Flanagan:

Talking about Bear Encounters in the Sierra

Upcoming Interviews:

"Just a Good Conversation" with Matt Brown